Spedion Villa Cephalonia is set in Pessada village which offers a great range of activities for moments of relaxation, exploration and learning.

In the village, there is an international known winery where you can taste and buy several varieties of Cephalonian wines while at the same time, you can take part in the overall wine production procedure.


Also, just 200m away from Spedion Villa, you will find a hunting farm of bird species breeding, such as pheasants, quails, partridges, turtledoves and ringdoves. Hunting lovers may also practice their favorite sport.


As for those who prefer the water activities, the experienced professional fishermen of the area, are willing to host you to their ultramodern vessels and initiate you to the secrets of fishing.

Moreover, they can take you to some of the most magical beaches of the island. If you are lucky enough, perhaps you will meet the Monachus monachus seals or/and the careta-careta turtles during the boat ride.


Still, if you are in search of some magnificent beaches, go for Myrtos, Kateleio, Aghios Thomas, Platys-Makrys Gyalos and the Xi and Counopetra beaches in Lixouri.

A little further away, in Argostoli, seek for the Koutavos Lagoon, named by the ancient word “Kottavos” which means “basin”. It is a significant wetland where plenty of wild - or not -, bird species like swans, mallards, coots etc find shelter. Have a boat ride in the lake or a walk along the coast or the Devosetou bridge which crosses the lake.


The trekking fans, go hiking to the Lassi region (Argostoli) or the National Park of Ainos where you will find the rare black fir tree.


Any of the activities you will end up going for, anywhere you may find yourselves, you shall not miss the enchanting sunset of Cephalonia.

Spedion Villa Gythio
Enjoy your vacations and relax in Spedion Villa Cephalonia